Réka Finta Györgyné

Finta Györgyné Réka

Finta Györgyné Réka

English Speaking Certified Psychologist Pro-Environmental Psychologist Adult Individual Psychology Counselor (in progress)

You can contact Réka with:

  • Strengthening self-confidence, difficulties with self-esteem
  • Life-guidance counseling with eco-psychological approaches
  • Environmental psychology consultancy (eco-anxiety, eco-grief)
  • Career consulting, career path planning, work-life balance
  • Learning difficulties, motivation, anxiety and stress management
  • Difficulties with foreign employment and cultural integration


    I am Györgyné Finta (Réka), pro-environmental psychologist and adult individual psychology counselor (in progress). I have been working at the CEU Department of Cognitive Science in Budapest since 2011 and in Vienna since 2023. The years spent in Higher Education gave me insights into the personal and work challenges of young adults like finding their path, uncertainty with their professional life, losing focus, overload, integration difficulties, isolation, homesick, culture shock or learning difficulties, anxiety, stress, monotony-tolerance. 

    I give mental well-being guidance and elaborate these difficulties, that are naturally part of our lives, mostly with nature-therapy and nature-based therapy techniques and by ecopsychological approaches. During the psychological process the symbols and metaphors given by nature can reduce the client’s resistance to functional changes and help to see the problems from different perspectives. This way we can enrich ourselves with proposals to new solutions. 


    Pro-environmental Psychologist (Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Education and Psychology / Institute for Human-Environment Transaction (EKTI))

    Certified Psychologist (József Attila University, Faculty of Psychology, Szeged)

    English Language and Literature MA (József Attila University, Faculty of English Language and Literature, Szeged)

    Other studies

    150 hours goup self- awareness training, Hungarian Individual Psychology Association

    Ecopsychological approach in psychological counseling – methodspecific training, Hungarian Ecopsychology Institute

    Self-awareness master course: Affective Regulations, adult module. Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Education and Psychology

    Eco-grief self-awareness training. Trainer Krisztina Csapó, Antromedicart

    Forest diving program leader. Trainer: Krisztina Vásárhelyi – clinical psychologist

    Eco-grief group leader training – Climate Anxiety workshop. Trainer Krisztina Csapó, Antromedicart

    WÉK – Williams Life Skills Program, stress management. Trainer: László Bíró WÉK traier

    CBT I., II. – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy methodspecific training, short version, Vadaskert Child Psychiatry Hospital

    Professional experience

    2024:  ‘Pszichomegálló’ Counseling and Therapy Center, personalized psychological counseling

    2011: CEU Department of Cognitive Science, research and department coordinator, student counseling

    2021-2023: SOTE Institute of Behavioral Studies, OTKA sleep-EEG research, research assistant

    2022-2023: SE/Rókus Hospital and Psychiatry Clinic, Psychotherapy Department and Hungarian Experiential Learning Foundation (KéTTé), Nature- and Adventure Therapy Project program for inpatients, psychologist and adventure-therapy intern

    2023: Long Night of Research, ELTE PPK – Institute of Human-Environment Transactions, demonstrator

    2016 – 2022: EPKEB – Hungarian United Ethical Review Committee for Research in Psychology (EPKEB), research secretary


    2024: Hungarian Individual Psychology Association

    2024: Hungarian Eco-Psychological Association

    2022: ‘Sociodrama for the planet – little streams make great rivers -‘ Association

    Type of consultation

    In person


    Hungarian and English